What makes Stoner's Pizza Joint a valuable investment?

What makes Stoner's Pizza Joint a valuable investment?

Top 10 reasons why Stoner's Pizza Joint franchisees keep opening new restaurants in tough economic times

  1. Low Investment. Start up costs start under $150,000.
  2. Low overhead. Stoner's Pizza Joint occupies a 1000-1500 sqft takeout and delivery location, leading to lower rents, utilities, low break-even points, and therefore low risk than other franchises.
  3. High margins. Stoner's Pizza Joint is an affordably priced higher quality pizza. Franchisees do not engage in the deep discounting price wars Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Domino’s regularly fight. Because pizza is relatively cheap to make, margins are healthy.
  4. Strong Sales. With over $775,000+ average sales combined with a low $150K or less cost of entry, Stoner's Pizza Joint Franchisees enjoy a 4:1 sales to investment ratio, extremely high for QSR.
  5. Quick Ramp Up. Our business model has high margins, high tickets, and lower break-evens than many other QSR concepts. We aim to help franchisees make money quickly.
  1. Low Risk and High Success Rates. By combining a low entry cost, low break-even, high sales and high margins, 96% of our restaurants have remained open since 2020.
  2. Strong ROI. High sales, high margins, quick ramp ups, low labor costs, and high customer frequency and loyalty add up to a strong investment opportunity
  3. Low payroll roster. We are primarily a take-out and third party delivery concept. We have a limited menu and a simple assembly line operation that takes few employees to manage.
  4. Simple operations. Combining a small staff, a limited menu, little inventory, with a simple assembly line operation, franchisees find this business easy to manage and easy to scale.
  5. Scalability. Stoner's Pizza Joint has more than doubled its size since 2020, primarily due to existing franchisees opening new restaurants. Helping franchisees grow cash flow and achieve financial success is our core business. It’s the franchisees’ job to satisfy customers. It’s our job to satisfy franchisees.

What are the average sales?

With a solid $775,000+  average annual store sales against a low average startup expense of typically under $150K, our 4:1+ sales-to-investment ratio puts us at the top of the QSR industry.

What's Stoner's Pizza Joint's growth rate?

Number of Restaurants: 2020 to 2022


Stoner's Pizza Joint has grown 100% in restaurant count since 2020, mostly driven by existing franchisees opening more new units. Restaurant growth is a function of two basic factors.

  1. Strong Unit-level economics. Stoner's Pizza Joint combines strong sales, high margin products, assembly line efficiency, limited menu, simple operations, high labor efficiency, high customer ticket, and high customer frequency translates into a highly profitable and highly scalable pizza concept.
  2. High Franchisee Satisfaction. Stoner's Pizza Joint treats franchisees well and are committed to the formula of low start up costs, high margins, high franchisee ROI, and treating franchisees with dignity and respect.

High Success Rate

Stoner's Pizza Joint franchisees have experienced a 96% RATE SINCE 2020.  Any successful and valuable franchise brand should be able to offer the following:
  • Predictable returns
  • Long term sustainability, translating into multi-generational wealth.