About the pizza industry

Stoner's Pizza Joint occupies a unique brand position as a value leader.

About the pizza industry

Stoner's Pizza Joint is committed to keeping the cost of entry low, with many restaurants opening under $150K.

Questions Clients ask about the Industry

According to IBISWORLD
Positioned above deep discounters and below local high-end pizzerias


Stoner's Pizza Joint brand position

Value-priced, better quality, convenient, and affordable

Pizza is more than a $40B industry and growing.

Approximately 50% of the market share goes to the deep discounters and price leaders like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Domino’s and Little Caesars. The other approximate 50% doesn’t want crap pizza and buys from their local store or chain, which is where Stoner’s Pizza Joint comes in.

We occupy the same brand position as Five Guys hamburgers or Shake Shack occupies in the burger industry.